Markerkant 13 9 1314 AL Almere

€ 375.000 /jr € 4.200.000 k.k.


Markerkant is a business area in Almere Stad where companies like Jtekt Europe Bearings, Saint Gobain and several large DIY stores are located. Almere is part of the Amsterdam metropolitan area, the city region around the city of Amsterdam, capital of the Netherlands. It lies in the North Wing of the larger polycentric Randstad Metropolitan area and encompasses the city of Amsterdam, the provinces of North Holland and Flevoland, as well as 36 further municipalities within the two provinces, with a total population of 2.4 million inhabitants. Almere is close to Amsterdam and is reachable within 20 minutes by car and the airport of Schiphol is approximately on a 30 minutes driving distance.

Very well maintained industrial building with a total size of 8.179 m² floor space. The level of finishing and the cleanliness of the building and surrounding is something you rarely encounter with comparable buildings. In addition to the clean and tidy business area, there is also the very well-maintained office space with a very attractive and luxurious contemporary look.

The oldest part of this building was built in 1998/1999. In 2009, however, it has been radically renovated by the current owner. The existing ground floor has been completely renovated and the floor capacity is increased to 2.500 kg/m². The entire building was also equipped with a first floor, above the warehouse in concrete with the same floor capacity. The former workshop has been converted into office space in a luxuriously style. The first floor above this section is made of wood. The size of the ground floor is approximately 1,075 m². The first floor is fractionally smaller and is approximately 1,040 m².

In addition to the building described above, a new part was added a few years ago.
This part consists of a warehouse of approximately 1,600 m² in which 2 additional floors have been realized above the ground level. A basement has also been created, resulting in a fourth industrial floor. All floors in this new part have a floor capacity of 2,500 kg / m². Each building layer is compartmentalized in connection with fire regulations. For the goods transport through the building 2 service elevators are built in (lifting capacity 3,500 kg). There is a service door for loading and unloading, situated on a loading pit with a dock leveler. Heating goes through underfloor heating. A number of windows have been incorporated in the facades so that there is some daylighting.

The surfaces of the floors are as follows:

- basement: approx. 1,294 m², floor height 3.40 meters;
- ground floor: approx. 1,554 m², floor height 3.40 meters;
- 1st floor: approx. 1,554 m², floor height 2.40 meters;
- 2nd floor: approx. 1.662 m², floor height 2.63 meters.

Due to expansion and growth of the client's trading activities and stock, the property is also being offered for sale.

Asking price
€ 4,200,000.00 K.K.

Rental price
€ 375,000.00 per year excluding VAT.

Service fee
To be determined.

Office space;
- canteen with pantry;
- modern toilets;
- air conditioner;
- alarm system;
- server room with climate control;
- fiber optic and WIFI network;
- independent customer entrance.

Business space;
- service elevators;
- loading pit with dock leveler;
- power flow;
- 2 overhead doors;
- broadcasting system for warehouse;
- underfloor heating (only in new part);

- electric closable fence;
- sun protection through screens;

this list is not limitative.

Cadastral data
Municipality of Almere, section O, number 5324, large 2.335 m²
Municipality of Almere, section O, number 5361, large 2.001 m².

There is sufficient parking on site.

Tenant and landlord explicitly declare that when setting the rent, the starting point was that the tenant permanently meets the criteria set for a taxed letting ex. Article 11, paragraph 1, letter b, sub 5, Law on turnover tax 1968. If the taxed rent is terminated or a request for taxable rent is not granted because the tenant no longer meets the requirements, the agreed bald rent, excluding VAT, increased so that the lessor is fully compensated for the VAT on the attributable investments and costs which he must pay back to the tax authorities or can not (no longer) deduct.

Lease term
At least 7 years followed by 5 years. After the aforementioned periods have expired, the lease will be continued with consecutive periods of 5 years each.

Rental payment
Rent, service costs and VAT per month in advance.

Lease agreement
The rental agreement is drawn up in accordance with the model drawn up by the Council for Real Estate.

Rental price indexing
Annually, based on the change in the monthly price index according to the consumer price index (CPI) series "All households" (2015 = 100), published by Statistics Netherlands (CBS), for the first time 1 year after the rent entry date and then annually at this date.

The deposit / bank guarantee must be equal to 3 months rent plus the service costs and the VAT legally due on these amounts.

Further information and viewings:
Van der Linden Bedrijfsmakelaars B.V.
Randstad 23-01, 1314 BN Almere-Stad
tel: 036-5330077



€ 4.200.000 kosten koper
€ 375.000 per jaar
Aangeboden sinds
6+ maanden
In overleg
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8.179 m²
Bedrijfshal oppervlak
7.549 m²
Kantoor oppervlak
630 m²
Vrije hoogte
3,4 m
4.336 m²


Aantal bouwlagen
2 bouwlagen
Loading docks, overheaddeuren, krachtstroom, betonvloer, airconditioning en inbouwarmaturen


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Markerkant 13 9

€ 375.000 /jr € 4.200.000 k.k.