Frankeneng 18 6716 AA Ede

€ 63 /m²/year


Distribution Center Frankeneng is a new logistic complex scheduled for development, located at business park Frankeneng in Ede, nearby the junction of the motorway network A12 (The Hague-German Border) and A30 (Ede-Barneveld). Motorway A30 connects motorway A12 and A1.

The complex comprises approximately 41,120 m² of warehouse space, 7,453 m² mezzanine floor and 1,7920 m² of office space. Additional fire walls can be created to realize 4 separate units. The construction of this project will start in September 2021.

The complex offers maximum quality, sustainability and flexibility. Elements illustrating these characteristics are: a clear stacking height of 15.20 meters, a concrete wall base to a height of 2.5 to 3.5 meters, an ultra-flat concrete floor
(Din 15185), 1 loading dock per 750 m² of warehouse space and separate traffic flows and parking facilities for trucks and passenger vehicles. The grounds have a spacious layout, enabling ECO combi vehicles / LHVs to access the loading docks.

The complex will be certified in accordance with BREEAM-NL Nieuwbouw (new development), the starting principle being at least an Excellent certification.

Technical specifications
- clear stacking height of approx. 15.20 meters;
- column structure of 16.50 x 22.8 / 23.10 meters;
- concrete wall base around the building to a height of 2.5 / 3.5 meters;
1 loading dock per 750 m² of warehouse space (56 docks in total);
- each loading dock is fitted with an electrically operated overhead door of
3.2 x 3.2 meters and an electrical hydraulic leveller with a loadbearing capacity of
9,000 kg (dynamic);
- 1 electrically operated door at ground level (4 x 4.5 meters) per unit;
- concrete floor with a maximum floor load of 5,000 kg / m² and a maximum point load of 12,000 kg;
- the flatness of the concrete floor in the distribution area (first 16.50 meters from the loading docks) is in accordance with NEN 2747 Table 1, classification 5;
- the flatness of the concrete floor in the warehouse is in accordance with Din 15185, suitable for narrow corridors and the possibility to place induction cables;
- heating by means of floor heating in the expedition area via an electric air-water heatpump system (optional via a geothermal heat pump system that stores heat and cold in the soil);
- lighting by means of LED lighting. Average light output 200 lux (+ 1 meter);
- certified sprinkler system type ESFR-K34/K14.

Mezzanine floor
- a mezzanine floor situated above the loading and unloading zone
(floor surface + 8 meters, minimum clear height under the floor is 5.5 meters),
approx. 16.50 meters deep;
- maximum floor load approx. 800 kg/m²;
- a goods-/passenger lift is optional per unit;
- the mezzanine floor in every unit has a balustrade including a tilting gate.

Office space
- the office space may be spread over two floors;
- extra office space can be built on the mezzanine floor;
- windows that can be opened, fitted with burglar-resistant locks and hinges;
- heating and cooling of the offices via VRF-system;
- a kitchenette for each 300 m² of office space, provided with dishwasher, refrigerator and boiler;
- floors in the entrance, hall and sanitary units fitted with ceramic tiles;
- lighting by means of LED Lighting. Average light output is 500 lux;
- cable ducts fitted with one double wall socket per workplace above ceiling.

- grounds suitable for traffic category 45 for passenger vehicles and traffic category 60 for goods traffic;
- 16 parking spaces for trucks;
- 247 parking spaces for passenger vehicles;
- separate traffic flows for goods traffic and passenger vehicles;
- the dimensions of and the routing on site are suitable for ECO combi vehicles / LHVs.

Sustainability features
- BREEAM certificate: at least excellent with outstanding as our goal;
- Building will also be certified according to WELL Building Standard;
-ecological responsible planting (support of local flora and fauna);
- sufficient ventilation for a healthy stay- and work climate;
- temperature regulation per work/stay area;
- stimulating for responsible origin of building components (ISO 14001)
- the total building will be gas-free;
- heating by means of floor heating in the expedition area via an electric air-water heatpump system (optional via a geothermal heat pump system that stores heat and cold in the soil);
- heating and cooling of the offices via a VRF-system;
- lighting by means of LED Lighting managed by the DALI protocol (Digital Addressing Lightning Interface);
- the total roof will be covered with solar panels, so the tenant can use 100% green power;
- thermographic research in line with NEN-EN 13187;
- airtightness is guaranteed with a maximum leakage of 3 m³ / hour / m².

Floor surface
The total complex can be divided, if necessary, into 4 units.
Warehouse m² Office space m² Mezzanine m²
Unit A 12,248 576 2,152
Unit B 7,873 320 1,480
Unit C 11,119 576 1,966
Unit D 9,880 320 1,852
Total 41,120 1,792 7,453

The total complex can, if necessary, be divided in four separate fire compartments.
The partitioning walls to create the smaller units can be built in at a later stage, so the warehouse size can be tailored to the specific demand of the client.

Lease term
10 years with subsequently extension periods of 5 (five) years.
Rental price
Warehouse space: EUR 62.50,-/m²
Office space: EUR 135,-/m²
Mezzanine: EUR 30,-/m²
Parking spaces trucks: EUR 1,500/space
Parking spaces cars:EUR 200/space
The rental prices are per year, price level of 2021, plus Dutch VAT and service charges.

The total project will be delivered in Q4 2022. Earlier access for fit-out works in the warehouse can be discussed.

Increased annually, on the basis of the change in the monthly index in accordance with the consumer price index (CPI), series CPI All Households (2015 = 100), as published by
the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS).

Service charges
The advance payment for supplies and services shall be EUR 2,50 per sq. m /year, plus VAT for the warehouse and EUR 5,- per sq. m /year, plus VAT for the office space.
The following supplies and services are included:
- regular testing, inspection, certification and maintenance of:
- heating system;
- overhead doors;
- dock levelers;
- sliding gates;
- sewerage installation;
- emergency lighting;
- fire hose reels;
- fire detection and evacuation system;
- fire extinguishing installation;
- maintenance of plants and shrubs;
- winter maintenance;
- 5% administrative fee for the above-mentioned supplies and service.

Frankeneng 18
6716 AA EDE
The Netherlands
Business Park Frankeneng in Ede is located on approx. 1 km from the entrance and exit slip roads of motorway A30, nearby the junction of the motorway network A12 (The Hague-German Border) and A30 (Ede-Barneveld). Motorway A30 connects motorway A12 and A1.
Motorway A12 is, together with motorway A15, is one of most important logistical axes towards the Eastern part of The Netherlands.
The 'Randstad area', the 'Ruhrgebied', Antwerp and Northern Germany (Hamburg) can easily be reached from this location.
Various public bus services serve this business park, providing excellent accessibility by public transport. The nearest bus stop is 10 minutes away by foot. This bus brings you within 10 minutes to bus and train station Ede-Wageningen.


Transfer of ownership

Rental price
€ 63 per square meter per year
First rental price
€ 60 per square meter per year
Service charges
€ 2 per square meter per year (21% VAT applies)
Listed since
6+ months
Available in consultation


Main use
Industrial unit
Building type
Resale property
Year of construction
Currently under construction

Surface areas

52,428 m² (units from 7,873 m²)
Industrial unit area
50,636 m²
Office area
1,792 m²
15.2 m
Clear span
23 m
Maximum load
5,000 kg/m²
Plot size
71,790 m²


Number of floors
2 floors
Mechanical ventilation, rooflights, loading bays, three-phase electric power, concrete floor, sprinkler, heater, toilet, pantry, built-in fittings and windows can be opened


Energy label
Not required


Business park
Bus stop in less than 500 m and motorway exit in 500 m to 1000 m


Parking spaces
247 uncovered parking spaces
Parking costs
From € 200,- per lot per year (21% VAT applies)


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