DOEN NVM Makelaars

DOEN NVM Makelaars

DOEN NVM Makelaars

Don't think, but DO(EN)!

Welcome at the page of the real estate agency DOEN NVM Makelaars.

Our approach and working method is essentially different from that of other estate agents; we broker with attention, personal flair and using all the (social) media and marketing of our time. We are inventive, innovative and resolute.

DOEN NVM Makelaars is, as advisor Commercial Real Estate, a strong local but also regional partner. It goes without saying that we look after your interests expertly, independently and in complete confidence. What does this mean for you in practice? It comes down to the fact that you can be sure that everything will be taken care of down to the last detail. Mediation in buying and selling as well as renting and letting, well-founded valuations and appraisals, objective advice with regard to the potential but also the limitations of a property.

On a regular basis our expertise is requested by several government agencies, corporations, housing associations and (real estate) entrepreneurs. DOEN NVM Makelaars knows what is going on in the market and the knowledge of its employees is constantly updated. In this way we are constantly aware of the latest developments in the often opaque field of legislation and the rapid changes therein.


Real estate offers excellent investment opportunities. With an extensive customer base and our own experts, DOEN NVM Makelaars is a strong partner in this field. We will be pleased to advise you on drawing up a purchase and sales policy geared to your property portfolio, without losing sight of the financial, legal and constructional aspects.


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  • Languages

    Dutch, English and German

  • Services

    Sale, purchase, rental, hire, appraisals, auction, property management, online auction, advice, new construction, hoa management, repurpose, social real estate, monument and expropriation

  • Certificates

    VastgoedCert, NRVT and SCVM

  • Specialties

    Investing, offices, stores, industrial units, garage units, practice spaces, educational institutions, religious institutions, health care institutions and cultural institutions


Informatie is gebaseerd op de afgelopen 12 maanden.


  • Elise Smit - Secretaresse

    Elise Smit


  • Ron Timmermans - NVM-makelaar

    Ron Timmermans


  • Rubin Joris-Koklman - Secretaresse

    Rubin Joris-Koklman


  • Paul H.C. Rats - Directeur

    Paul H.C. Rats


  • Piscilla Duivenvoorde - Secretaresse

    Piscilla Duivenvoorde


  • Mike van Duinen - Kandidaat-makelaar

    Mike van Duinen


  • Marilene M.P. Castricum - Assistent-makelaar

    Marilene M.P. Castricum


  • Jamie de Bruin - Commercieel medewerker

    Jamie de Bruin

    Commercieel medewerker

  • Tim C. Rats - Commercieel medewerker

    Tim C. Rats

    Commercieel medewerker

  • Ingrid G.E. de Groot - Commercieel medewerker

    Ingrid G.E. de Groot

    Commercieel medewerker

  • Sebastiaan de Brock - Commercieel medewerker

    Sebastiaan de Brock

    Commercieel medewerker

  • Mirjam Scholtes - Afd. beheer

    Mirjam Scholtes

    Afd. beheer


Address & opening hours

Dr. Lelykade 60
2583 CM Den Haag
Tomorrow Open from 10:00
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  • Tuesday 09:00-17:30
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  • Saturday 10:00-14:00
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