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Leiden Bio Science Park (LBSP) is the largest Life Sciences & Health hub in The Netherlands. It is where an international crowd of innovative companies, research institutes, academia and start-ups collaborate. Amidst this setting, a new flagship hoists its sails: Beagle.
The famous vessel carried Charles Darwin to areas of great scientific value. In this era, Beagle welcomes ambitious scientists and businesses on their quest to bring the next breakthrough in drug development forward.
Science and business go hand-in-hand in Beagle: the impressive architecture accommodates state of the art offices with lab-function. The total building comprises approximately 14,000 sq m divided over 7 floors. The 5th and 6th floor are available for lease- with access to the roof terrace from the 6th floor.
Each floor provides both offices and a lab-area (office-lab ratio 60-40%). The second floor houses premium shared services such as the restaurant, fitness area and meeting rooms. On the ground floor, a manned reception desk ensures all visitors of Beagle feel welcome.
The building directly overlooks the A44 motorway, making the plot not only accessible- but also a remarkable advertising column to display a company logo.


• 14,155 sq m LFA office and lab space;
• Energy label A++, BREEAM & WELL certified;
• Shell-elements meet WELL 2019 Gold demands;
• Playful voids and beautiful central staircases;
• Intelligent layout with offices and labs on every floor;
• Parking ratio 1:70;
• Spectacular roof terrace on the 6th floor;
• Shared reception, restaurant and meeting rooms available;
• Fitness area, including 6 showers;
• Informal seating areas and a coffee bar;
• 2 elevators in office-areas, 2 elevators in lab-areas of which 1 is designated for dispatch;
• 75 bike parking spaces, of which at least 15 with charging points;
• 50 car parking spots indoors of which 32 with charging points;
• 156 car parking spots on the outdoor parking area;
• Class A climate system;
• Solar panels on the roof;
• Heat and cold storage system;
The complete technical description is available upon request.


• Including lighting, LED light fittings activated by -daylight-dependent- motion sensors;
• High quality climate ceilings in the offices (600x1800) with bandrasters lined out with the exterior wall at 3600mm, shell condition balanced;
• Satellite Equipment Rooms (SER) present on 5th and 6th floor;
• Including computer floor: raised floor + fitted with electricity & data until work areas;
• Access check on the entry doors at the front entry;
• Walls can be placed each 1,8m;
• ML2 suitable;
• ML3 permit issued (approximately 270 sq m located on the 5th floor);
• Structural floor: screed on the 5th floor, concrete floor without screed on the 6th floor;
• Structural ceiling and necessary installations regarding fire safe (emergency lights, sprinklersexcept in the ML3-lab area);
• Free heigth 5th and 6th floor approx. 4 meters (shell condition);
• Floor load 500 kg per sq m;
• Air installations are finished up to exit vertical ducts;
• Connections for demineralized water, process water, LN2, N2 & CO2;
• Offices within the lab will be completed as office (see above);
General zones such as toilets and elevator lobby are completely finished upon delivery. For further details, please refer to the available ‘building passport’, available at our real estate agents.


RENT: € 250.- per sq m LFA per year excl. VAT.

Parking garage: € 1,800.- per parking place per year.
Outside parking: € 1,400.- per parking place per year.

SERVICE CHARGES: € 35.- per sq m LFA per year excl. VAT.
FACILITY CHARGES: € 40.- per sq m LFA per year excl. VAT.
(restaurant, coffee bar, fitness, meeting rooms, security & reception)

UTILITIES: € 25.- per sq m LFA per year excl. VAT.

The above mentioned indicative advance payments will be annually settled according actual costs. Furthermore the
facility charges will be finally determined in good consultation between Lessor and Lessee based on the exact scope.


5th floor:
Approximately 3,347 sq m LFA including a pro rata share in the common areas.
1,455 sq m office area (LFA excl. common areas)
1,059 sq m lab area (LFA excl. common areas)

6th floor:
Approximately 3,185 sq m LFA including a pro rata share in the common areas.
1,357 sq m office area (LFA excl. common areas)
1,037 sq m lab area (LFA excl. common areas)
Measured according to the NEN2580 measurement report.
Partial letting per floor is negotiable.

DATE OF DELIVERY: Available per Q2 2022
LEASE TERM: 5 years.


The Bio Science Park is directly located at the A44 motorway, with perfect road infrastructure.
From Leiden Central Station, it takes 15 minutes by public transport or 25 minutes by foot to reach Beagle. The accessibility will further improve after completion of the new ‘Rijnland Route’ which connects the A4 with the A44 motorway.



€ 250 per vierkante meter per jaar
€ 75 per vierkante meter per jaar (21% BTW van toepassing)
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