Spoorhavenweg 17 E 9645 LZ Veendam

€ 42 /m²/year


On behalf of our client, we are offering this industrial space of approx. 14,945 m² GFA with an indoor office of approx. 120 m² LFA for rent. It is a linked industrial hall and was built around 1997. The available space contains a business space and distribution area with several loading docks. It is also possible to rent part of the paved outdoor area and Rail terminal.


The distribution center is situated in an easily accessible location. Access to freeway N33 is a few minutes drive away. This road connects between Rijksweg A7 (Zaandam-Bad Nieuweschans) and Rijksweg A28 (Utrecht-Groningen). The complex also has the option of loading and unloading by rail or water.


Parking available on private and communal grounds.


The total lettable floor area is approx. 14,980 m², of which approx. 14,860 m² is industrial space / distribution space.

Layout floor space (in m² GFA)
- Industrial space / distribution space (approx. 14,945 m²)
- Covering (approx. 311 m²)
- Office space on first floor (approx. 141 m²)

Layout floor space (in m² LFA)
- Industrial space / distribution center (approx. 14,860 m²)
- Office space on first floor (approx. 120 m²)


The object will include the following:

Business space:
- Floor load approx. 1,500 - 2,500 kg / m²;
- The free height is approximately 9.7 meters;
- Air treatment through an aspiration system;
- Sprinkler installation;
- Completely isolated;
- Fire alarm system;
- Power flow;
- Multiple loading docks with levelers;
- Multiple overhead doors at ground level;
- The option to rent racks for block pallets with a load capacity of 12,000 kg; and
- Covered loading and unloading

Office space:
- Pantry;
- Canteen;
- Multiple toilets; and
- Heating


At the municipality of Veendam, the plot falls within zoning plan "Business Park" and is designated "company up to and including category 4.2" with the function of 'specific form of business park - storage and transshipment'. Regardless if the use intended by the tenant falls within the zoning plan, the tenant must still check with the municipality. Obtaining the necessary permission(s) and/or permit(s) must be done by the tenant themself and at their own expense.


Address building: Spoorhavenweg 17 (Hall E), 9645 LZ in Veendam

Object: business / distribution space with indoor office of approx. 14,980 m²

Rent price:
- € 42.50 (forty-two euros and fifty cents) to be increased with VAT per m² per year, excluding scaffolding; or
- € 50, - (fifty euros) to be increased with VAT per m² per year, including scaffolding.

Lease term: 5 (five) years

Renewal: 5 (five) years

Notice period: 12 months

Rental commencement date: To be agreed upon, from 1 July 2021

Payment commencement date: To be agreed upon

Payment term: Monthly in advance

Service costs: € 18,000 per year to be increased with VAT

Bank guarantee: In the amount of three months rent, service costs, and other additional costs to be increased with VAT, in accordance with R.O.Z model

Rental agreement: In accordance with ROZ Model within article 7: 230a BW.

Indexation: The rent will be adjusted for the first time 1 year after the commencement date of the lease, and subsequently adjusted annually on the basis of the change in the monthly price index figure according to the consumer price index (CPI), series CPI-All Households (2006 = 100), published by the Central Bureau for Statistics (CBS)

Delivery level: To be agreed upon

1. This offer is made subject to the explicit reservation of approval by the owner, which approval will appear from the written lease to be drawn up on behalf of the owner.
2. The landlord will only be bound to make the rented space available to the tenant after the tenant has provided a bank guarantee as stated in this rental offer.
3. The tenant hereby supplies an extract from the Chamber of Commerce Trade Register, BKR registration, annual figures and a copy of a valid proof of identity.
4. Whether the use intended by the tenant falls within the zoning plan, the tenant must still check with the municipality. Obtaining the necessary permission(s) and / or permit(s) from the government must be done by the tenant themself and at their own expense.


The following facilities can be rented in consultation

Outside area
- Lighting
- Paved
- Fenced

Rental price: € 10 per m² per year excluding VAT, to be increased with service costs of € 0.40 per m² per year excluding VAT.

Rail terminal (Spoorhavenweg 17 - 44 Veendam)
- Gross floor area approx. 2,500 m² GFA and effective floor area of approx. 2,250 m²
- Clear height approx. 6.15 meters
- Possibility of loading and unloading indoors by rail
- Multiple loading docks
- Multiple overhead doors

Rental price € 87,500 excluding VAT per year

Office building (Spoorhavenweg 17 Veendam)
- Lettable floor area approx. 450 m², whereby it is possible to rent part of it
- Representative entrance;
- System ceilings with lighting fixtures;
- System partition walls, partly fitted with glass;
- Multiple toilets;
- Elevator;
- Heating by radiators;
- Cable trays; and
- Recessed luminaires

Rental price: from € 65 per m² per year excl. VAT, to be increased with service costs € 35, - per m² per year excl. VAT


Transfer of ownership

Rental price
€ 42 per square meter per year
Service charges
€ 18,000 per year (21% VAT applies)
Listed since
6+ months
Available in consultation
Ownership situation
Ownership encumbered with long-term lease and building and planting rights


Main use
Industrial unit
Building type
Resale property
Year of construction

Surface areas

15,101 m² (units from 14,981 m²)
Industrial unit area
14,981 m²
Office area
120 m²
9.7 m
Clear span
20 m
Maximum load
2,500 kg/m²
Plot size
60,075 m²


Number of floors
2 floors
Loading bays, overhead doors, three-phase electric power, concrete floor, sprinkler, heater, toilet, pantry, built-in fittings and windows can be opened


Energy label
Not available


Business park
Motorway exit in 1000 m to 1500 m


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Travel time

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Spoorhavenweg 17 E

€ 42 /m²/year