7Poort 6902 KJ Zevenaar

€ 50 /m²/jaar


The development is a state-of-the-art XXL distribution centre, positioned at Business Park 7Poort. The business park offers a variety in plots. Within a 20 kilometer range approximately one million customers and approximately 50,000 companies are located. The accessibility of business park 7Poort is excellent as it profits from multi-modal connections, road, rail and water, which makes it a desirable logistics location. The distribution centre has been built conform the BREEAM-certification ‘Excellent’. This certification reflects the sustainability of the building by the use of sustain materials and save energy, but also the liveability of the building and the environment.

Zevenaar is located in the Arnhem / Nijmegen region the east of the Netherlands and is part of a larger logistic area known as Logistics Valley, connecting the two main ports in the Netherlands (Port of Rotterdam and Schiphol Airport Amsterdam) with the German Rhine-Ruhr valley. Main advantage of the region is the close proximity to the German Ruhr area and its location along the main transport routes connecting Rotterdam and Amsterdam to the European hinterland. The accessibility by car and truck traffic can be qualified as excellent.

Business Park 7Poort benefits from the presence of three barge terminals in the region, of which two terminals are located in the Netherlands (Nijmegen and Doesburg) and one in Germany (Emmerich). The business park is located along the national highways A12 and close to the connection with the A18, connecting the Randstad with the German border. In 2020, highway A15 will be extended by 12 kilometers towards highway A12. It is expected that the extension of highway A15 will be completed by 2022 and the expansion of highway A12 by 2024. Due to the extension of highway A15, the accessibility of Business Park 7Poort will improve, especially towards Rotterdam and Antwerp harbors.

Best in class
G-Park Zevenaar combines innovation, proven expertise and customer support with grade A industrial facilities, fundamental for an efficient supply chain. In addition to GLP’s unrivaled portfolio of “best in class” developments and wide spectrums of customers, G-Park Zevenaar facilitates aspects like fibre optic networks and extended park management.

Building surface
Total surface G-Park Zevenaar 115,884 sq m

Unit A, total surface 23,546 sq m
• Warehouse, 22,990 sq m
• Mezzanine, 2,830 sq m
• Office space, 1,112 sq m
• Car parking, 97

Unit B, total surface 23,526 sq m
• Warehouse, 22,970 sq m
• Mezzanine, 2,930 sq m
• Office space, 1,112 sq m
• Car parking, 96

Unit C, total surface 23,546 sq m
• Warehouse, 22,950 sq m
• Mezzanine, 2,262 sq m
• Office space, 1,088 sq m
• Car parking, 68

Unit D, total surface 23,526 sq m
• Warehouse, 22,900 sq m
• Mezzanine, 2,260 sq m
• Office space, 1,088 sq m
• Car parking, 73

Unit E, total surface 21,740 sq m
• Warehouse, 21,110 sq m
• Mezzanine, 3,450 sq m
• Office space, 1,260 sq m
• Car parking, 97

Building specifications
• Construction, steel frame
• Column grid, 22.8 m x 16.2 m
• Loading docks, 48 (1/850 sq m)
• Overhead doors, 2 per unit
• Floor load warehouse, 50kN/sq m
• Floor load mezzanine, 10kN/sq m
• Point load warehouse, 90kN/sq m
• Floor flatness, DIN18202 zeile 4
• Sprinkler, ESFR K22
• Lighting warehouse, LED 200 lux
• Lighting office space, LED 500 lux
• BREEAM, Excellent, multiple incorporated sustainable techniques
• Energy label, A+++

Rental price
The rental price will be determined in consultation with Lessee and depends of the initial lease term and other rent conditions.

The Lessor will charge the Lessee turnover tax on the amounts payable. If a Lease is agreed that is not subject to turnover tax, the Lessee shall be liable to make a separate payment to the Lessor in addition to the rent, to compensate for the loss that the Lessor or its legal successor(s) suffer or will suffer because the turnover tax on the capital expenditures and operating expenses is not (or is no longer) deductible.

Rent indexation
Annually, in accordance with the Consumer Price Index for all households (Alle Huishoudens) (CPI 2015=100), for the first time one year after the commencement date.

Service charges
In consultation with Lessee the remuneration payable by the Lessee for supplies of goods and services to be provided by or on behalf of the Lessor and the use of energy and water will be determined.

Lease term
Initial lease term of 5 (five) or 10 (ten) years with subsequently continuation for consecutive periods of 5 years each.

Quarterly in advance.

Bank guarantee of 3 month’s rent obligation including VAT.

Lease agreement
In accordance with the standard model of ROZ 2015 including all lease terms mentioned in this brochure.

Per direct (unit C & D)



€ 50 per vierkante meter per jaar
Aangeboden sinds
13 september 2021
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102.256 m² (in units vanaf 26.300 m²)
Bedrijfshal oppervlak
100.000 m²
Kantoor oppervlak
2.256 m²
5.000 kg/m²


Aantal bouwlagen
2 bouwlagen
Lichtstraten, loading docks, overheaddeuren, krachtstroom, betonvloer, sprinkler, toilet, pantry, topkoeling, inbouwarmaturen en liften






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€ 50 /m²/jaar